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10 December 2016

To whom it may concern

Mr. Silverman has been tutoring my twelve-year-old daughter for a year now. Mark is very good at explaining things in a way my daughter can understand. He is also fond of children and my daughter enjoys his lessons. I also have to say he is a very punctual and patient man. Since Mr. Silverman has been teaching my daughter her math grades have improved tremendously.


Cindy Best

Brooklyn, NY

14 March 2012

Testimonial Letter

Mark Silverman is a fantastic math and testing tutor. I would recommend him without reservation. Mark is one of the rare teachers who combines deep knowledge of his subject, a creative approach to teaching, patience, seriousness and a sense of fun. We asked Mark to help my Fifth Grade child prepare for a specialized middle school exam. The test changes each year, so Mark had to create his own program of study. This he did in short order andwithin three months he had brought my fifth grader to exactly the place he needed to be to pass the exam with flying colors. The work was hard and Mark made sure my child stuck with the program, but there was never a moment when my child was stressed out or unhappy. Somehow, Mark managed to keep things calm and happy. I couldn't have been more pleased with Mark's work and I am sure you will be too.


Edward  (author and freelance journalist)

Brooklyn, NY

December 30, 2010

Testimonial Letter

Mark began working with our 10th grade son on geometry following a difficult report card. Our son, who attends one of NYCís elite public high schools, is incredibly bright but was getting lost in the sea of students. We contacted a few tutors to get a feel for their style and approach. From their first session, our son and Mark instantly connected. Mark is insightful and thoughtful and fully respected our sonís capacity and potential. Our son never asked to cancel his tutoring sessionsóa testament to the mutual respect he and Mark had for each other. He was able to focus on Zachís strengths and identify weakness and assign problems that allowed him to focus his time and efforts for the best return. Mark was also very good at asking leading questions and making suggestions that led Zach to understand and remember material. We saw his grades in math improve from the first meeting. But most importantly, his attitude towards the importance of his grades drastically changed in all subject areas. From the first marking period in the spring our sonís math grade improved almost 30 points and his overall average in all subjects improved 12 points. He was also thoroughly prepared for the Geometry Regents and did very well. I recommend Mark without reservation. I only wish we had arranged to have him as our sonís academic coach and supporter earlier.


Lori Gold

March 10, 2006

To whom it may concern

Mark Silverman has been tutoring my daughter for the past six months and has done an excellent job. His main goal is to make sure that his student understands what they are doing. He will not end the session unless they have a full concept of what they are doing. He has stayed many times over the required timing with no extra charge. My daughter is taking math B, and since having Mark she has passed all marking periods. My daughter was failing, but is now doing B work. At the present time he is preparing her for the SAT in May.

Stephanie Coxalston

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May 12, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Mark Silverman has been a math tutor with our agency for three years. He tutors grades 1–12 and SAT prep. Mr. Silverman generally obtains very good results with his students. Failing students not infrequently become B students. And most parents think highly of his work.

Mr. Silverman is a very intelligent and knowledgeable mathematician. However, his success is primarily due to his abilities to explain things in a way that students understand, and to establish rapport with students. Mr. Silverman is a warm person who will often stay beyond the allotted hour to finish a lesson. He has an M.A. in psychology and is insightful about children. By being supportive, explaining the child’s anxiety to him, pacing the work appropriately and other measures, Mr. Silverman can usually get his students to achieve the relaxation and self-confidence needed for academic success.

Sincerely yours,

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